Fineman Padded Walls Hawaii Services

Soundproofing and Wall Upholstering using Fabrics, Silks, and Leathers for Architectural and Interior finishes Requires Special Know-How. For this reason Architects, Interior Designers, General Contractors, and Clients know the value of using an Experienced Licensed Company. Wall Upholstering and Acoustical Fabric Wall and Ceiling Systems Provide the Ultimate Surface Finish for The Elimination Of Noise and Echoes, Soundproofing, Adsorption and Aesthetics. Whether in Luxe Residential or Commercial Interiors, Fineman Padded Walls are it. The Ultimate Surface Finish.

With the Traditional Style Method we use a wood frame which is applied around the perimeter of the walls and ceilings. Then Acoustical cores, usually soft Dacron is placed within these areas, and the fabric is stretched tight and stapled. Finally, a double-welt, gimp, rope, or even nice wood trims are applied to cover staples and complement the design.

With the Modern Track Stretched Fabric Acoustical Soundproofing Systems, We represent the two best and finest track systems in the industry. “Whisper Walls” and “Snap-Tex” Systems. We are the Licensed Dealer Installers for both. (Tap the company name for Headquarters and Information). With track systems, we mostly use the 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick systems, but can go thicker if desired. Normally we use hard fiberglass acoustical board to match thickness for core absorption. But, with no limitations many other acoustical cores like rubber, foam, air, recycled denim and other green products are also used too. Panels can also be tack-able and acoustical, perfect for bulletin boards and pin up areas anywhere. Since both these systems are assembled on-site, the designer, client or acoustical consultant can fine tune the installation.

Hawaiian Single-Wall Homes

With single wall home construction here in Hawaii all our applications, whether Track Systems or Traditional Style wall upholstering give you great soundproofing acoustics along with extra wall thickness and strength.

We also Rework, Restore, or if needed Replace, all those the other track systems, that are out there. Even if you have purchased a alternative existing system product, on-line or anywhere, We can do it for you Meticulously. Mostly our projects are here in Hawaii, but we have completed projects in Asia, All the Hawaiian Islands,  and the US Mainland. We are set up to Travel For Your Installation almost anywhere If you like. We have an extensive List of Very Satisfied Clients, Home Owners, Interior Designers, Architects, Contractors, and The US Military. Recommendations and Photos Available. With Expert Craftsmanship, Innovative Acoustical Solutions, along with your Architect, Contractor, Acoustical Consultant / Engineer, and Client, we can and will address any and all sound and design options.

When to Apply:

When loud noise and echoes, from city life, caused by hard reflective surfaces, like glass & concrete. When noise from new high rise building construction, along with trucks, buses, traffic, even neighbors, kids playing or musicians practicing instruments like drums, horns. birds. Noise is everywhere.  All Around Us. When your appreciation of music, media, or just conversations, are marginalized so you can not hear clearly. When good sleep is interrupted, quiet is wanted and required. Wall Upholstering for Soundproofing is the answer. Excellent Sleep, Peace & Quiet. Elimination of noise and echoes.  Call or E-Mail Us.  We Make Rooms Quiet and Beautiful. The Ultimate Surface Finish.

Areas to Apply:

Loud Restaurants, with Private Dinning Rooms and Bars. We Even Apply to Concrete Walls & Ceilings. Home Bedrooms, Dinning & Powder Rooms. Lounges, Meditation & Washitsu Rooms. Kids Playrooms, Dedicated Quiet Environments, Noisy Hotels, Lobbies, Meeting Rooms, Conference Rooms, Retail Boutiques, Home Theaters, Media, & Gaming Rooms, Spas & Gyms. Music Studios, Ballrooms. Yachts, and Cruise Ship Staterooms, even Moter Coaches.  EVERYWHERE YOU WANT QUIET : WALL UPHOLSTERING FOR SOUNDPROOFING. That Is What We Do. “We Make Rooms Quiet and Beautiful”, With Elegance, Style and Performance, Ultimate Acoustics with the Elimination of Noise and Echoes. Beautifully Upholstered Interiors, Create better Living and Working Environments.

We Can Work Anywhere, where Soundproofing, Quiet, Beauty, Style and Elegance along with Acoustic Performance are Desired. We use the highest quality products, with vast experience, and a meticulous reputation. We are ready for your project. Phil over the years with his Team of Expert Upholsters and Carpenters have done countless projects, big and small. No project is too small. Phil loves the Islands and the people of Hawaii, he is always helping and donating in any way he can. We give Local, Senior and Kama’aina Discounts. We are happy to speak and discuss your project, anytime. Please Use Our Contact Page To Connect. We have always given free estimates. Our Workmanship is Guaranteed for the life of the fabric. We finish projects on time, and 100% Client Satisfaction for ever. To our valued happy customers, We even will come and give your walls or ceilings a free wrinkle, removing face lift if needed. No matter how long ago we did the project guaranteed. For all other projects Installed by others, we still give a free exam and most likely a tune up too. Please call or e-mail for a consultation. Thank You. Phil Fineman.