Aloha and Welcome to Fineman Padded Walls Hawaii

The Ultimate Interior Surface Finish.


Soundproofing and Wall Upholstering For The Elimination Of Noise and Echoes.

Fineman Padded Walls. Hawaiian Acoustical Wall Covering Contractors. Since 1990. We specialize in Wall Upholstering and Site Fabricated Stretch Fabric Acoustical Systems. We Make Rooms Quiet and Beautiful, Whether using Basic Fabrics, Silks, or Leathers. We Create Better Living and Work Environments. We Design and Install Innovative Acoustical Solutions for Interior Walls and Ceilings. We use Modern Track Systems and Traditional Style Wall Upholstering Techniques. We Create The Ultimate Surface Finish with Acoustical Performance, Style and Elegance. We do Beautifully Upholstered Interiors.

Please have a look at our web site for some ideas, and photos our latest most beautiful completed projects.